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Top 10 Most Spectacular Temples in Bali

Bali is known as “The Island of a Thousand Temples” but in fact this tiny Indonesian island has many more than 1,000 temples. The Balinese religion, Hindu Dharma, is infused into the culture and daily way of life and not a day goes past when there is not an elaborate temple ceremony taking place somewhere on the island.

Every Balinese home has its own temple and each village has several temples for communal prayer and religious ceremonies. Balinese temples are stunning in architecture and visitors can’t help but soak up the spirituality from the fragrant incense smoke and brightly coloured offerings that are placed daily as a gift to the gods from the devoted.

Visitors to Bali are welcome to visit most temples and it is definitely worth trying to observe a temple ceremony while you’re visiting the island. The fruit and cakes piled high, being carried on the heads of women dressed in rainbow kebaya makes for some great photo opportunities but you must be careful to respect local customs and etiquette.

1. Besakih (Mother Temple)

Photo credit: druidabruxux (flickr)

Photo credit: druidabruxux (flickr)

Besakih is the largest temple complex in Bali and is certainly the mother of them all at over 1,000 years old and perched on the slopes of sacred Mount Agung. Balinese from all over the island will make pilgrimages to this temple for special ceremonies, some of which happen only once every 100 years.

Mount Agung is an active volcano, which last erupted in 1963 while one of these 100-year ceremonies was being performed at the temple. Lava destroyed villages at the foot of the volcano and ash rained for miles around but the lava flowed around the temple and it was spared.

2. Tirtha Empul

Photo credit: Rajesh_India (flickr)

Photo credit: Rajesh_India (flickr)

Tirtha Empul is famous for its holy water springs, which are said to cleanse and purify. The waters are thought to be particularly potent on auspicious days such as full moon and if you visit the temple on one of these days you will see the bathing pools crowded with hundreds of Balinese Hindus, queuing for their turn to wash in the spouts that feed water directly from the holy spring.

3. Uluwatu

Photo cerdit: rickyqi (flickr)

Photo cerdit: rickyqi (flickr)

Uluwatu is perched high on a cliff with impressive views of the ocean below. It is also inhabited by a troop of mischievous monkeys, who will probably grab your camera or your sunglasses if you get too close.

4. Tanah Lot

Photo credit: photographerglen (flickr)

Photo credit: photographerglen (flickr)

Tanah Lot is definitely one of Bali’s most picturesque temples, built on a rock that becomes an island at high tide. It is particularly stunning at sunset and is probably the temple most visited by tourists.

5. Gunung Kawi

Photo credit: Christopher Chan (flickr)

Photo credit: Christopher Chan (flickr)

Deep in a valley just north of Ubud, Gunung Kawi, dating from the 11th century, is special because of its candi – huge shrines carved into the rock face. Visitors must descend down many steps, flanked by rice terraces, in order to enter the temple grounds.

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