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The Ultimate Thailand Travel Resource Guide


If you are planning to travel to Thailand for the first time or even making a return trip, you are no doubt researching very hard. A good friend of mine asked me if I had some good resources on traveling in Thailand. This is the resource list that was born from that request. Hopefully its as useful to you as it was to my friend.


Backpacking regardless of age and budget is something that every traveler should do at least once in their life. I honestly cannot think of many places better than Thailand to pop your backpacking cherry. Here are some fantastic guides (and stories) to convince you.

Guide to Backpacking Thailand – This excellent step-by-step guide covers all the aspects and major attractions of backpacking in Thailand for an incredibly cheap $50 per day. With this guide money should not be an excuse to get out there and explore Thailand.

7 Reasons You Should Experience Backpacking in Thailand – Traveling in Thailand has many challenges but the rewards are even more valuable.  Matt from gives some great reasons why you should go backpacking Thailand at least once.

Cost of Travel in Thailand – Most people know how cheap it is to travel to Thailand, but they often don’t realize how much more than could save if they made a few minor adjustments to how they travel.

10 Must See Destinations for Backpackers in Thailand – Some might say that Thailand is a backpacker’s dream, here are 10 destinations that no backpackers should ever miss.

5 tips for backpacking in Thailand: getting the most out of the ‘Land of Smiles’ – Nearly everyone who goes to Thailand has a good time, here are 5 tips on how to make a good trip a GREAT one.

Packing List for Thailand – Not sure what to pack? This post is a great start on getting the essentials in your pack.

Backpacking Thailand and Beyond–How much will it cost? – Still think you don’t have enough money to go backpacking in Thailand? This post might change your mind.


Must Eat Thai Dishes Only Available In Thailand – Did you know that there are certain incredibly delicious dishes that still are not served in Thai restaurants in the US and UK? Find out what you are missing out on.

100 Thai Dishes to Eat in Bangkok: The Ultimate Eating Guide – Not only is there so much to see in Thailand, you can also travel based taste, here are 100 dishes to whet your appetite.

Eat Your Way Around Thailand – 10 Best Foods To Try – Thailand can often overwhelm the senses–especially taste, here are 10 dishes you absolutely have to try.


Top 10 places to visit in Thailand – It is virtually impossible to choose the best places to see, but if you could visit only 10 spots in Thailand, these are definitely worth considering.

11 Reasons Why I Love Thailand – There are so many reasons to be enchanted by Thailand, but if you need to pin it down, the 11 reasons in this post is certainly a good start.

Cautionary Tales

Backpacking in Thailand–Scams to Avoid – Part I – While Thailand is generally very safe to travel, it does not mean you can let  your guard down. Here is a great list of just a few common scams you might encounter during your stay.

Backpacking in Thailand–Scams to Avoid – Part II – This is the second part of an excellent guide of common scams and hustles you might encounter.

Faux pas and proper etiquette in Bangkok – Despite Thailand becoming progressively more westernized from the tourism industry and resident expats, much of Thai culture and customs has stayed relatively intact. Here is a good concise guide of the do and don’ts when you are in Thailand.

Avoiding the Bangkok Taxi Scams – Quite a few common scams revolve around Thailand’s transportation and taxis, they are simple enough to avoid if you know what to look for.

9 Scams to Watch Out For In Thailand – You can avoid all but the most elaborate travel scams by simply being aware and vigilant, make sure you know these 9 common scams.

Scams in Bangkok: Smiling Thais and Dumb Tourists – Most travel scams rely on tourist’s ignorance to succeed, fortunately you can avoid being ensnared by being aware of these deceptively simple cons

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