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The Tropical Expat Roundup #1: Posts And Blogs We Are Reading This Week


We love to read the viewpoints of other people who live the expat lifestyle which is incredibly diverse with all the variations in experiences. That is why we are introducing a regular weekly feature every Friday that highlights the best posts from around the internet that we have discovered and think that you dear readers should read.

Finding the inspiration and courage to take flight

Its so easy to dream and talk the big talk about living the expat life abroad, but when push comes to shove we cling to the “comfort” of our current lives and “steady” jobs as if it were the only thing keeping you from drowning.

That is why I found the post titled “Decisions and Choices” by John at to be quite poignant and inspiring. The post chronicles his early years of traveling and living abroad on a shoe string budget. One particular line stood out to me on the topic of choices and regrets:

These events in my life are a result of a series of stoned choices that made perfect sense to me at the time, but now these events seen more soberly and dispassionately by a person 10 years older do not appear in the mind’s eye without emotion tinged with small regrets and self reprimand. Such is life. We all pick up a few bags as we travel through life’s stations.

There are many life lessons and other gems of wisdom scattered in this well written piece, you can read the rest of the article here.

The challenges of preserving serenity

Rachel from wrote a very moving piece about the increasingly rapid pace of land acquisitions and foreign development in Bali. In broader terms this could describe the challenges that many expats face in other locations around the world. Rachel succinctly describes the problem in a nutshell in the following passage:

 Land prices in Bali are rising fast and everyone wants in on a sure investment. Balinese families can’t resist the temptation of selling unused land to tourists and foreign investors when the money they receive in return would be impossible to raise any other way. The average Balinese person makes only a million or so rupiah a month (about 100 USD) and big ceremonies like cremations can easily run into tens of millions.

The article is an excellent read and on a topic that I am sure that many can easily identify with. If you are expat parent or looking to become an expat parent I also wholeheartedly recommend adding Rachel’s blog to your reading list as she has some great posts and stories about her life as a parent in Bali as well as some fantastic photography. You can read the rest of her “not for sale” post here.

I do hope you enjoyed this first roundup post to highlight and recognize great travel and expat blogs. As always we love reading your comments and messages. So comment away!

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