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The Top 5 Best Bangkok Coworking Spaces + A Bonus

If you’re looking for a place to set down your laptop and so some work while in Bangkok then these coworking spaces in the city should be just what you are looking for.

While you can find Wi-Fi in most coffee shops in the city, including the numerous Starbucks outlets, checking into one of these Bangkok coworking spaces can not only provide you with a comfortable place to work on your online projects but also put you in touch with like-minded residents and other digital nomads passing through town.

These shared working spaces also often put on events which can be great for networking and picking up on the latest developments in your field. So without further ado, here is our pick of the places to find a desk for the day in Bangkok:

Launchpad Bangkok

Launchpad Desks – Photo Credit: Launchpad

#5. Launchpad, Silom

This modern, spacious and multifunctional coworking space opened in Bangkok in 2012 and has quickly become a popular choice for local start-ups and those passing through the city on their digital nomad adventures. The fostering of a community amongst the entrepreneurs that work here is a priority which is reflected in the decision to install communal areas featuring games, consoles and a café serving food and drink.

These potential collaboration and idea swapping ideas can be found alongside the fixed and flexible desks, private offices, meeting rooms and an event space. There is also a kitchen, lockers, and 24 hour security, not to mention access to a high speed internet connection.

You can pay on a daily basis for 220 baht or sign up for a month at 6,000 baht. The Launchpad coworking space is open until 8pm during the week and 6pm on the weekends although there are tentative plans to open 24/7 in the future.

Like all bleeding edge start-ups they don’t have a website but have a pretty informative Facebook page.

The Third Place Hot Desk Bangkok

The Third Place – Photo Credit: The Third Place

#4. The Third Place, Thonglor

Aiming to displace the pub as the third place in your life after home and work, The Third Place in Bangkok’s hip Thonglor area is the perfect space to come and work, discuss ideas and interact with others. If you work from home then coming here is the perfect way to get out of the house and meet up with other freelancers or start-ups from the local community.

It’s more than just a hot desking coworking space as there are workshops on offer, a gallery, regular exhibitions and much more. This makes The Third Place not just a home for the start-ups and freelancers of Bangkok, but also the artists and performers.

You do have to sign up to their ‘club’ to use all the facilities here but this gives you access to free Wi-Fi internet and a discount on food and drinks at the café. Monthly membership starts at 899 baht.

The Third Place is open daily from 9am to 10pm so beats Launchpad when it comes to catering for the night owls who work better after dark.

  • W:
  • A: 137-137/1 137-137/1 Sukhumvit 63 (corner of Thonglor 10), Bangkok 10110
  • T: 02 714 7929
  • E:
  • M: Google Map
  • BTS: Thonglor
Hire a desk in Bangkok

Hubba Thailand – Photo Credit: Hubba

#3. Hubba, Ekkamai

Hubba Thailand claims to be the first coworking space in the country. If you are not impressed by that then maybe the plentiful hot desks, private offices and free tea and coffee will. There is also mini library, pantry and canteen not to mention the showers free bulletin board for members.

Regular events are held here for the local start-up and entrepreneur scene, which have included networking events, web design courses and other training sessions. They’ve even got a trampoline in the garden for those that feel like they are missing out on something by not working at Google.

Open 9am to 10pm makes this a great place to get some serious chunks of work done throughout the day and with prices starting from seven days for 1,295 baht, it’s a great value choice amongst the coworking spaces in Bangkok.

  • W:
  • A: 19 Soi Ekkamai 4, Sukumvit 63 Rd, Bangkok 10110
  • T: 02 714 3388
  • E:
  • M: Google Map
  • BTS: Ekkamai
Office Space for Freelancers

Kliquedesk – Photo Credit: Kliquedesk

#2. Kliquedesk, Sukhumvit 23

With prices starting at 250 baht per day for a hot desk or 16,000 baht per month for a permanent desk, Kliquedesk has options to suit all co-workers plying their trade in Bangkok. Open from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday, it isn’t aiming for the evening workers, but thanks to its central location, close to Asoke, it should be easily accessible to most people living and working in Bangkok.

There are serviced offices available here for more permanent workers but digital nomads on the lifestyle design trail will probably find the shared office hot desk area more suited to their needs.

  • W:
  • A: 94 Soi Sukhumvit 23 (Prasarnmitr), Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok 10110
  • T: 02 105 6767
  • E:
  • M: Google Map
  • BTS: Asok
Bangkok Co-work space

The Sync – Photo Credit: The Sync

#1. The Sync, Lat Phrao

Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, The Sync is a creative community space rather than just a strictly hot desking coworking space. The focus is more on individuals coming together rather than working in isolation at their desks, although there are 25 shared seats and eight dedicated desks for workers to come along and plug in.

A seven day pass for The Sync costs about 600 baht, giving you access to a hot desk and the onsite facilities.

  • W:
  • A: 1111/67 Soi 6, Ban Klang Muang, Lat Phrao Rd, Bangkok
  • T: 02 938 2517
  • E:
  • M: Google Map
  • MRT: Lat Phrao
Work from Starbucks in Thailand

Starbucks, Thailand – Photo Credit: Anur (Flickr)

Starbucks, Everywhere

Ok, so good old Starbucks isn’t strictly speaking a coworking space, but they are almost everywhere in Bangkok and Thailand and make good places to come and do some work online. The policy of not moving customers on, even if their one drink is long finished can allow you to get some serious work done without having to leave the comfort of your seat for a refill. Although this can work against you as popular branches will often be filled to capacity during peak hours.

Power outlets are usually generously dotted about the place for customers to use, and there is a paid Wi-Fi service available. The lack of toilets in most branches could pose a problem though.

The Starbucks in Thailand offer Wi-Fi at either 150 baht per day or 300 baht per month and once you’ve got your access code you can use it at any of the branches, which is handy for those moving about.

If you prefer being around regular people, as opposed to self-declared entrepreneurs and almost-start-ups then a Starbucks is a great place to work with plenty of food and drink to choose from.

Hopefully you’re now aware of the few coworking space in Bangkok where you can, in most cases, turn up and get a hot desk space for the day for a small fee. While the facilities are the main attraction, the opportunity to meet fellow freelancers and work from home types can’t be understated. You know never which start-up in progress you might end up working next to.

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