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Ten Commandments to Booking a Family Holiday

Whether you’re booking a last-minute trip away for summer or you’re planning ahead for next year, follow these ten commandments to make sure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

1. Thou shalt not visit the same place twice

Photo credit: Stuck in Customs (flickr)

Photo credit: Stuck in Customs (flickr)

Although Spain and France are the two most popular holiday destinations for families in the UK, there is a whole world out there to explore. Find somewhere new and exciting for everyone to enjoy.

2. Thou shalt always read reviews

Photo credit: betta design (flickr)

Photo credit: betta design (flickr)

If you don’t want your family holiday to be a complete disaster, it’s really important you do some research before booking a holiday. Check out online customer reviews to see what other people had to say.

3. Thou shalt not go unprotected


Don’t be this guy, be protected.

There has been a lot of talk about tour operators going bust and consumers losing thousands of pounds in the process. To ensure you don’t end up out of pocket, it’s important to go with a company offering ATOL & ABTA protection, such as Club Med.

4. Thou shalt pay by credit card


Another way to protect yourself is by paying for the holiday with a credit card as section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act means that the credit card company is equally liable for any refunds on purchases over £100.

5. Thou shalt purchase insurance


If you’re flights are cancelled, your luggage is lost, or heaven forbid, anything tragic should happen while you’re away, it’s important that you are covered with suitable travel insurance.

6. Thou shalt book early (or late!)


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