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How to Fund Your Travelling Lifestyle: 8 Ways of Making Money While You’re on the Road

Photo credit: CollegeDegrees360 (flickr)

Photo credit: CollegeDegrees360 (flickr)

Once you start the adventure of a lifetime and begin travelling, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t want to stop. However, unless you’re lucky enough to have rich parents to support you or another income source to rely on such as rental from a property, your savings will one day run out.

Don’t just pack your bags and catch the next flight home when your money runs out though. Don’t give up that easily! This is the era of the digital nomad and it is fairly easy for anyone to make money, wherever they are in the world.

If you’ve never worked for yourself before, you may not have a clue of where to begin, so here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Become a travel writer

You travel to far away and exotic places, see amazing sights and have fantastic experiences. If you’re good at expressing these adventures through the written word, there are many publications willing to pay you to write about your experiences. You could write for a travel blog, submit articles to a travel community site like Matador or pitch for work at a travel magazine. There are loads of opportunities out there, so get writing!

2. Sell your photographs

Photo credit: Gwenael Plaser (flickr)

Photo credit: Gwenael Plaser (flickr)

Your travels are likely to have provided you with some great photo opportunities and you can profit from this by selling your images to stock photography sites like istockphoto. If you’re really good at photography, you could also try sending your work to travel magazines and other publications for review.

3. Freelance

It’s so easy these days to make a living for yourself by finding work through sites like elance and odesk. Everyone has a skill that makes them employable, whether it’s copywriting, design, data entry or admin support. You can work as much or as little as you like and even mix and match between different types of work. For more creative jobs it always helps to have a portfolio and you may need to take some lower paid jobs at first to get some feedback for your profile and help get your started.

4. Write an e-book

Photo credit: JPott (flickr)

Photo credit: JPott (flickr)

It seems like everyone these days has jumped on the e-books bandwagon. The fact is the barriers to publishing have effectively been removed thanks to the internet and it’s now unbelievably easy to write a book and sell it through amazon or smashwords. What you write about is up to you but I bet you’ve got a good story or two from your travels to sell.

5. Make money from your blog

If you’ve not started a travel blog yet, do it now! Blogging can be a great way to earn a bit of cash while you’re travelling and it’s fun too. You can make money through affiliate marketing, advertising and sponsored posts. It can take a lot of time and effort to build a profitable travel blog but the results are worth the effort.

6. Teach English

Photo credit: Hostelling International Bolivia

Photo credit: Hostelling International Bolivia

So many countries around the world are desperate for native English teachers and it can be a great way of making some money while giving back to the community and making new friends at the same time. You will often find that you need TEFL certification to get a job as an English teacher but you can easily complete a TEFL course online. You could also try teaching private English lessons or teaching over Skype.

7. Get creative on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website offering a range of weird and whacky services that people are willing to provide for $5 at a time. Just have a little think about what you can do that would be worth $5 and have a look around the other offers on the site for inspiration. If you’re staying in an exotic location, maybe you can offer to film a video with a stunning backdrop, or take a photo of someone’s name that you’ve written in the sand on a tropical beach. $5 isn’t a lot but it adds up and if you keep your budget to a minimum, your Fiverr gigs could come in very handy

8. Crowdfund your travels

You’ve probably heard of crowdfunding sites like kickstarter and IndieGoGo, but have you thought of crowdfunding as a way of paying for your travels? You can offer a range of incentives to people crowdfunding your travels. Maybe a postcard, your travel book (when you finish writing it!), a souvenir or just a thank you on your blog – you’re only limited by your imagination!

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