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Essential Gear for Backpacking Around the World

More and more travelers are opting to travel on the cheap with a backpacking trip, while this form of travel isn’t for everyone, backpacking is a great way that you can see lots of different countries without having to spend a lot on accommodations and while having everything you need strapped to your back. There are of course some essential items that can make your backpacking trip a little more comfortable. Take it from some of the experts who have been backpacking before and do the research ahead of time so you have everything you need in your pack before you leave . Paying for some of these items along the road or at hostels could mean that you end up paying a premium price . Here are some of the top pieces of essential gear that you will need on a backpacking trip around the world for survival and for comfort.

Space all weather blanket:

Space All Weather BlanketOriginally developed by NASA scientists these type of life-saving blankets are usually the type of thing that you might see firefighters using or even marathon runners to warm up after race. The company, space has developed a specialty MPA space all weather blanket that features a great flexible design with all of the protection you need against potential sub zero temperatures. Rather than having to deal with the cold, or sacrifice extra space in your luggage for a large wool blanket, MPA space all weather blankets are a great way that you can stay warm without sacrificing any space in your backpack. These take up just a small amount of space in only way about a pound giving you access to the seat and protection that you might need from the elements if you get caught outside or decide to camp. One of these blankets is not only great for your comfort but it could actually work at saving your life.

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Trekking Poles:

Trekking PolesA big aspect of backpacking is that you might have to do a lot of walking or hiking. In order to really see the world and understand what it’s like to be a local in some countries you will definitely have to do a lot more walking than you might do at home. Practicing up with your pack and getting in shape before you leave can help to take away some of the stress that backpacking might take on your body. A great way that you can stay walking and support yourself even on long hikes is to get some anti-shock, walking or hiking poles. These durable, poles made of telescopic lightweight aluminum are adjustable to any height and come complete with removable tips to get you ready for walking in snow, on flat surfaces and more. These trekking poles are perfect for preventing falls and also taking some of the pressure off of your feet. Walking with a large backpack all day can certainly give you blisters quickly but with the help of these hiking or trekking poles you can still see everything that you want, while putting less stress on your legs, knees and feet. This product also comes with a complete one-year warranty against defects meaning that they are built strong to last. The telescoping feature also makes it easy to fold these up and put them in your bag when you’re not using them.

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A high quality backpack: Teton Sports Scout Explorer 4000

Teton BackpackA big part of backpacking involves bringing the right backpack that will be comfortable for you to wear, while still allowing you to hold all of the essentials that you will need for several weeks of traveling. When some people go away backpacking, they will leave for up to a year or more. Having ample space to carry everything you might need for that length of travel is very important. With the Teton Sports Scout Explorer 4000 internal frame backpack you can get the perfect size comfort bag with all of the space that you need to carry your possessions and necessities. This bag will become your ultimate traveling companion for a long backpacking trip and can contain 65 litres of clothing, food and necessities that you might need. At just 5 pounds of weight, you can add quite a lot of the backpack and the aluminum stays and frame adjust to your back keeping this a comfortable bag for long trips. The heavy-duty padded shoulder straps and waist belts make the bed comfortable to wear over long periods and the airflow system for the back will prevent you from overheating during long hikes and walking trips. A separate sleeping bag compartment makes it easy to save even more space inside for everything you will need daily. This is a well-built backpack for a reasonable price.

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Lunatec self-cleaning travel washcloth:

Self Cleaning Wash ClothWhen you are out traveling it can always be tough to find areas that you can wash your clothes, and hostels that supply you with towels and face cloths. Having your own face cloths and towels is extremely beneficial but nobody likes to carry a damp moldy towel along with them everywhere that they go. Lunatec has come up with a solution in the form of the self-cleaning travel washcloth. These patented towels wash clean no matter the conditions that you put them through. Unlike cotton or microfiber towels anything that these washcloths get exposed to, can come off with a simple rinse. They don’t pick up odors and they dry out in just 10 to 15 min. meaning that you can continue to use them daily without ever having to worry about taking up too much space or moisture getting into all of your other clothing. A self-cleaning travel washcloth like this can be extremely beneficial for rinsing off after getting dirty or for your daily morning routine.

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Hiking socks: Wigwam Mens Hiking/outdoor pro length sock

Wigwam Hiking Outdoor Pro SocksAs many hikers and backpackers will tell you, taking care of your feet is important. Before leaving for any backpacking trip you will need quality footwear as well as quality socks. Reaching for regular value tube socks for any backpacking trip will simply leave you with blisters after the very first day. With the help of the right hiking socks you can make sure that your feet are well protected and given ample cushion for all-day comfort. As well as being sure to pack quality socks it’s also important that you pack a lot of different socks. Putting your worn-out feet into damp socks or dirty socks to start your day is never a great feeling and it won’t take you long to start feeling defeated and to lose sight of your enjoyment on your trip around the world. It’s understandable that you are going to be a little bit tired throughout your trip but if you plan ahead with the correct comfort items for your feet you will find that you can enjoy longer days with more excitement and enthusiasm. These hiking socks are handmade in the US and machine washable. Using a special blend of materials these socks are designed with an abrasion resistant Achilles cradle and an ultra smooth toe closure. They really conform to your feet and they are the perfect travel companion for long backpacking or hiking trips. Available in six different colors as well as sizes that conform to your shoe size, rather than a one-size-fits-all user socks designed for long-lasting comfort over your backpacking trip.

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If you are planning a trip around the world backpacking is important to plan accordingly and pack all of your essentials for your trip. With the help of Amazon and some of the great manufacturers and sellers you can work at saving even more money before you leave, by picking up these essentials and more at great discount prices.


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