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Why Medical Insurance is a Must Have for Expats in Thailand

Health Insurance in Thailand

If you are planning a short trip to Thailand then there are plenty of low cost travel insurances policies you can take out to cover your visit. However, if you are now a resident of Thailand, there are fewer options to choose from if you want medical cover while living abroad. While the cost of private medical services is generally ... Read More »

What My 2-Year-Old Taught Me About Learning a Foreign Language

Photo credit - naddel (flickr)

I’ve been living in Indonesia for 4 years with an Indonesian husband and two children who were born here. Everyone expects me to be fluent in Indonesian, but I have to admit – I am not. Yes, I am conversational, yes I carry out a lot of my day to day business in Indonesian and understand most of what is ... Read More »

5 Incredible Things You Must Do With Your Kids In Bangkok


Due to the oppressive heat and humidity in Bangkok, not to mention the lack of outdoor space, finding things to do with kids in Bangkok isn’t an easy task. However, if you spend a bit of time to get to know the city, you will find there are many hidden gems, both indoors and out. 1. Fun-arium This indoor mega ... Read More »

How to Live Like a Local in Bali

My very first temple ceremony, at Besakih

With its white sand beaches, rich cultural heritage and friendly people, Bali has earned itself a name as one of the top worldwide destinations for expats. Since the success of the book Eat, Pray, Love and the movie of the same name, tourists have flocked here in droves in search of spiritual enlightenment and the ‘real Bali’. Yet so many ... Read More »

Guest Post: When East Meets West


Editors note: It is my pleasure to feature Havana Lion’s first guest post by renowned expat living blogger Trippy Traveler from the Trippy Traveler Blog, be sure to check out his amazing posts about living abroad. Those tourists planning to visit Koh Phangan and indeed Thailand for the first time and having seen the news about the death of Stephen ... Read More »

The Tropical Expat Roundup #1: Posts And Blogs We Are Reading This Week


We love to read the viewpoints of other people who live the expat lifestyle which is incredibly diverse with all the variations in experiences. That is why we are introducing a regular weekly feature every Friday that highlights the best posts from around the internet that we have discovered and think that you dear readers should read. Finding the inspiration ... Read More »

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