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Staying Connected When Traveling: Managing Expectations

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Peruvian Bike Touring Couple Missing! shrieked the headlines, followed a few weeks later by “Missing Bike Couple Found on Slow River Boat to Ecuador”. When I first saw the news on Facebook that the couple was “missing” my first thought was – no they’re not – they’ve only been out of contact for three weeks – that’s not missing. Particularly ... Read More »

How to Attend a Balinese Temple Ceremony

Photo credit: Mikaku (flickr)

  One of the most impressive and rewarding experiences visitors to Bali can have is attending a temple ceremony. Bali is a Hindu nation and Balinese people take their culture and religion very seriously. There are thousands of temples across the island and ceremonies for each temple take place every day so it’s easy to experience one, however short your ... Read More »

Reverse Culture Shock Survival Guide

Photo credit: Michael Tapp (flickr)

  I remember clearly the first time I experienced reverse culture shock. I’d flown to Sydney, Australia after several months backpacking around Asia so that I could apply for a new visa to stay in Indonesia and meet up with my mother who was also travelling. It started to hit in the airport. Everything was so clean, so efficient – ... Read More »

The Simple Check List To Moving Countries – Moving Overseas Can Be Painless

relaxing before an overseas move

Considering moving overseas? Maybe it’s the lure of a better climate, a more relaxed way of living which calls? You think the ex-pat lifestyle maybe for you?  But how do you actually make the move as  painless as possible? The secret to a painless move is  simple –  make sure you, or your partner has  a well-paying job, preferably at executive ... Read More »

Must Eat Thai Food You Won’t Have Had Back Home

Som Tam

Before we decided on moving to Thailand, I’d eaten Thai food at restaurants quite a few times. But once we found out we were definitely going to be moving there, we got more interested in trying out the different foods that would be awaiting us upon our arrival. Living in London there are no shortages of good Thai restaurants and ... Read More »

How to Raise Bilingual Kids, Wherever You are in the World

Photo credit: Kenny Lam (flickr)

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is education. Education comes in many forms, but as an expat living in a country where over 700 languages are spoken, I firmly believe that a second language is something that every parent should strive for their children. If you are reading this website you are probably fairly well-travelled (or ... Read More »

Is the Cost of Living really Cheaper in Thailand?

Thai Money

One of the main reasons people up sticks and move to Thailand is because of the lower cost of living than back home and all of the advantages this provides. While many people come here for the lifestyle, the weather, or the beaches; when all is said and done, they probably wouldn’t choose Thailand if the living costs were as ... Read More »

Renter Beware! The Potential Pitfalls of Renting Property Overseas

Photo credit: Jesse Wagstaff (flickr)

  Here in Bali we rent out a small house to holidaymakers and expats and I often receive emails from people enquiring about its availability. A few months ago I received an email from an Australian lady looking for a house for one year for her family that she could pay for monthly. I said yes, no problem but the ... Read More »

Best Areas for Expats to Live in Bangkok

Asoke from a Distance

Bangkok is a real clash of cultures and whatever you are looking for in a place to live, you can probably find it somewhere in the city. Before we moved to Bangkok I’d never visited the city or the country of Thailand before, and on arrival, it didn’t quite match my expectations. I was expecting more of a sedate, less-developed ... Read More »

Carry On Only Tourist: How To Travel With Only Carry On Luggage

1-ton luggage sculpture Vancouver Intl Airport

Most people say when they see my luggage ready for the next trip: how can you travel with such a small bag? My reply is, how can you be bothered with such a large one? What Are The  Airline Carry-On Limits? There are three limits you need to be aware of they are in order of complexity: luggage size and ... Read More »

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