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10 Essential Tips for Flying with a Baby or Toddler

Photo credit: The Wedding Traveler (flickr)

Becoming a parent doesn’t automatically mean you have to give up the travelling lifestyle. Many people travel with small children on trips varying from weekend getaways to year-long sojourns around the world. While there’s no need to abandon the idea of travel with a baby, you will probably need to adjust the way you travel and be prepared for compromises ... Read More »

Planning For An Australian Road Trip – Driving Outback Australia

We're not exactly sure how far it is - but it's a long way to the next fuel! Near the Western Australia border, Northern Territory

Every year thousands of Australian visitors hit the road for an Australian Road Trip.  However, outside of the busy east coast, Australia is a large, empty and unforgiving landscape. People die out there, not just from vehicle accidents, but from thirst. This is not a country to head off into with a spare bottle of coke and an energy bar ... Read More »

Beginners Guide to Scuba Diving in Thailand

Sea Turtles

The combination of the low cost of living in Thailand and the many excellent diving sites dotted around the coast of the country makes a scuba diving holiday to Thailand a brilliant idea. For those new to scuba diving, it is the perfect place to come for your first dives, and to take the standard diving qualifications that let you ... Read More »

Dealing with Racism as an Expat

Photo credit: Colm McMullan (flickr)

As a white woman living in the UK, I’d never personally experienced racism before I started travelling. Most people are aware that if they look western and travel in Asia they’ll have to pay higher prices than locals for most things and in general, I think this is pretty fair. After all, if you’ve got the money to travel half ... Read More »

Top 5 Australian Road Trips – 5 Great Australian Drives

Pentacost River, Gibb River Road (in a very dry season) (c) Lis Sowerbutts

Although for many visitors Australia’s beaches are a big draw card, the real heart of the country is in the remote, beautiful, red and dusty interior, universally known as the either the outback, or misleadingly as “the bush”. Beaches can be seen anywhere in the world, but the bush Outback, really is like no other place. And the best way ... Read More »

10 Things I Learned from Backpacking Around Asia

Photo credit: flawedlogic (flickr)

In 2008 I sold or gave away all my worldly possessions, packed up what remained and left the country with a round-the-world ticket in hand, never to return. Those months I spent travelling created some of the most memorable experiences of my life and I sometimes wonder how things would have turned out if I’d done it years ago instead ... Read More »

How to Meet Locals when You’re Travelling

Photo credit: effervescing elephant (flickr)

It’s all to easy to fall into the trap of talking and socialising only with other travellers when you’re on the road. You’ll most likely be staying in a hotel or backpackers’ hostel surrounded by travellers, you’ll meet them in bars and cafés and most of them will speak English. It’s just far easier to forge relationships with other backpackers ... Read More »

How to Stay Sane When Travelling with Kids


When you have kids you’ll find that your priorities about travelling completely change. I used to spend hours scouring websites for the cheapest flight deals and didn’t mind a bit if it meant camping on the floor of the airport or a few inconvenient flight changes. Now with a 2-year-old and a 1-year old? I’m more than willing to pay ... Read More »

How to Stick to a Budget while Travelling

Photo credit: (flickr)

  If you’re planning to travel for longer than a couple of weeks, it’s really important to set a daily or weekly budget and do your best to stick to it. Without a budget it’s all too easy to blow through your funds way too quickly until you’re left with nothing and you either have to try and get a ... Read More »

Books and the Beach


Guest post by John aka. Trippy Traveler. For me one of the greatest advantages of being on a beach is that you have time to read. You could get a hotel room and watch countless bad movies on the channels offering such average American fare. You could spend hours having beauty treatments. You could go on a long drinking session. ... Read More »

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