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Tourist Transport In New Zealand: Options and Suggestions

Cook Strait Ferry

New Zealand is not a large country: about the same land area as Britain or Japan, but with only 4 million people splashed over a landscape which features lots of mountains, it has its unique transport problems. The local Maori name for the country of “Land Of the Long White Cloud”, Aotearoa, is accurate, and probably reflects what it looks like from ... Read More »

Guest House, Hostel, Hotel, Motel – What’s In A Name?

Lake Resort, Southern Thailand

It used to be easy: a hostel offered a cheap bed, a hotel did not. These days it’s a little more complex! While in Europe and America terms such as motel or hostel have very distinct meanings – you know what to expect in terms of ambiance and facilities, in Asia: well let’s just say a lot can be lost in translation! ... Read More »

Plenty of Ways to Keep Fit in Bangkok

Lumpini Park Gym

If you find yourself falling out of shape, either slowly and steadily or surprisingly fast during your time in Thailand, this article will help you get back on the right track by covering the best options for getting fit and staying in shape in Bangkok. Lots of foreign expats call Bangkok their home, and many travellers and those living the ... Read More »

Malaysia – Too Often Overlooked Compared to Thailand

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (c) FulioTravel

Thailand gets all the press as not just a backpacking destination, but also very popular with families and more up-market travellers. Malaysia, however, seems to have a much lower-key tourism industry. Thailand has been developing tourism since World War 2 – Malaysia fought a war of independence post World War 2 – and didn’t become independent until 1957. I travel to both frequently though ... Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Book Accommodation in Asia – Most of the Time

Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, plenty of hotels here! (c) Achill Family Journeys via

A recent question on Facebook asking what was people’s favourite travel gadget, saw the iPhone coming out on top. Top reasons for needing an expensive phone on holiday came down to booking accommodation and checking out online review sites. As an old person I travelled for many years without a phone, before they were even invented. To this day I ... Read More »

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Too Old To Backpack Asia

Image (c)permanentlyscatterbrained via

I first backpacked Asia when I was 28, I felt old at the time, many of my fellow backpackers were ten years younger than me. Since that first trip I’ve backpacked Asia and elsewhere many times. Now I’m over 50 – and backpacking just gets better and better! So here are my reasons why you are not too old to ... Read More »

Bangkok Cycling Tours: The Best Way to See the City

Biking in Bangkok

If you’ve spent any time in Bangkok, or any of the other big cities of Southeast Asia for that matter, then you might be surprised to know that getting around this sprawling metropolis on two wheels is a great way to see the city and many of its attractions. While hitting the roads on a bicycle on your own isn’t ... Read More »

Cooking Courses in Bangkok: Learn to Cook Thai Style!

Silom Thai Cookery School

Recently we had a look at some of the best Thai food you must try when visiting the country, but if you want to take your culinary immersion one step further, doing a cooking course during your stay is the perfect way to go. Whenever we visit another country with a strong food culture we try to attend at least ... Read More »

Why You Should Quit Your Job, Sell Everything and Travel the World

Photo credit: Vandan Desai (flickr)

7am. The alarm bleeps and wakes you up for another day. Look outside the window – it’s raining. Drive to work. Spend the morning replying to emails and making somebody else money. Eat a sandwich at your desk. Spend the afternoon finding it hard to stay focused on work and mostly wasting time on Facebook instead. Go home. Eat dinner. ... Read More »

Learn a New Language? Why bother?


“We’re never going to make it!” I hissed at my friend as the train pulled slowly into Osaka station. Before the electronic doors were even fully open we grabbed our weighty packs and made a run for it, cultural etiquette out of the window, ploughing down little old ladies and anyone else who wandered into our path. “Taxis! Over there!” ... Read More »

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