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5 Authentic Dishes to Try in Bali


The Balinese are a nation of food-lovers so it’s maybe a little surprising that it’s so hard for casual visitors to the island to try real authentic Balinese cuisine. Indonesian restaurants and warungs are everywhere but most of what you’ll find inside originates from other islands in Indonesia – the ubiquitous nasi goreng, mie goreng, nasi padang and cap cay ... Read More »

5 Dishes from Cambodia You Have to Try

Cambodian Food Cart - Photo Credit: Austin K. (Flickr)

Food from Cambodia, or Khmer Cuisine as it is known locally, might not be as well-known as the food of its neighbours, such as Vietnam and Thailand, but what it lacks in fame, it makes up for with its taste, flavours and resilience.  Referred to by some as the “world’s oldest living cuisine”, Cambodian food has returned from almost the ... Read More »

How To Plan Your First European Trip – Europe For Beginners

St Pancras Station, London end of the high-speed train to Paris (c) Alan Cleaver via

Europe is exciting, exotic, but can also be exhausting. Most first-time visitors try to cram too much into too short a time. Remember, you will almost certainly be back! You do NOT need to see it all this time! When planning your trip I suggest you do the following Open-Jaw Your Long-Haul Flights You don’t need to fly into and out of ... Read More »

A Spiritual Adventure in Bali – Yoga Retreats, Ashrams and More

Photo credit: Karthnik Dwarakaman (flickr)

Bali is not just a beach holiday destination. Known as the “Island of Gods” and “Island of A Thousand Temples”, thousands of people every year are also drawn to Bali for its spiritual energy. After the success of the book and movie, Eat, Pray, Love, women flocked to Bali, hoping to recreate Elizabeth Gilbert’s spiritual adventure and find themselves through ... Read More »

How to Fund Your Travelling Lifestyle: 8 Ways of Making Money While You’re on the Road

Photo credit: CollegeDegrees360 (flickr)

Once you start the adventure of a lifetime and begin travelling, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t want to stop. However, unless you’re lucky enough to have rich parents to support you or another income source to rely on such as rental from a property, your savings will one day run out. Don’t just pack your bags and catch the ... Read More »

How To Pack For Europe: European Summer Packing List

(c) vl8189 via

If you are heading to Europe this summer – what should you be packing? My best advice is to lay out everything you absolutely MUST take with you: and then take half of it! Seriously, the last thing you need while hoping off and on European trains, and negotiating plenty of flights of stairs (hostels in Europe are always on the top ... Read More »

How to Plan a Round the World Trip – What to do and When to do it


Many people dream of travelling the word but sadly the idea remains just that – a dream. Not so many take the steps of turning their dream into reality. I can say with 100% certainty that my round the world trip was the best thing I ever did. All the best aspects of my life now – my husband, my ... Read More »

Must Try Food from Malaysia

Malaysian Food - Photo Credit: Reeda (Flickr)

While Malaysia might not be as popular as its neighbour Thailand when it comes to attracting backpackers and expats, it’s still an amazing place to visit. The main attractions of this former British territory is the stunning beaches, impressive mountains, pristine dive spots, paradisiacal tropical islands and a plethora of wildlife both big and small. However, one reason why you ... Read More »

10 Reasons to Start a Travel Blog

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon (flickr)

These days it seems like everyone has a travel blog. If you’re researching tips about travelling to your next destination, you’re just as likely to end up on a personal travel blog than Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor. I have to confess, I was a terrible blogger when I was travelling. I started out with promise and wrote detailed posts ... Read More »

How to Take up Golf in Bangkok

Practice Makes Perfect - Photo Credit: Wojciech K.(Flickr)

If you are living in Bangkok or stopping off for a while on your round the world adventure, picking up a new skill during your stay in the city is a great idea. Due to the relatively low cost of living in Thailand, which often results in more disposable income, taking up a new sport or hobby you might not ... Read More »

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