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Don’t Be a Victim – 10 Common Tourist Scams and How to Avoid Them

Photo credit: Amalthya (flickr)

Travelling to new places and experiencing new things is something that I would recommend to anyone, but as with many things in life, there are also sometimes downsides to travel. The danger of the world outside your own backyard has mostly been over-hyped by media in the west. However whenever you travel to a country where the majority of residents ... Read More »

Ten Commandments to Booking a Family Holiday


Whether you’re booking a last-minute trip away for summer or you’re planning ahead for next year, follow these ten commandments to make sure you have the holiday of a lifetime. 1. Thou shalt not visit the same place twice Although Spain and France are the two most popular holiday destinations for families in the UK, there is a whole world ... Read More »

Enjoy the Romance of a Nomadic Lifestyle with a Caravan Holiday

photo credit: lydia_shiningbrightly (flickr)

Most travellers are enchanted by the idea of living a nomadic, gypsy lifestyle. The idea of selling up, quitting your job and other commitments and travelling wherever your mood takes you is undoubtedly a tempting one. While filling a backpack and jetting off to Southeast Asia is certainly an option, there are other ways of living the traveller lifestyle closer ... Read More »

10 Reasons to Travel with Your Kids


Having children is frequently used as an excuse for not travelling but it doesn’t have to be that way. As a child, my parents took my brother and me on camping trips to Europe every year and those times are some of the best memories of my life. Right now, finances mean that my travels are on hold for a ... Read More »

Lao Food You Must Try

Laos Sausages

While Laos might be poor in terms of financial resources, it is definitely rich in culture, personality and culinary attractions. Whether you are in the process of planning your trip to Southeast Asia or are already travelling through the region, visiting Laos comes highly recommended. Stopping off at cities like the relaxing Luang Prabang, or the picturesque capital Vientiane are ... Read More »

5 Travel Photography Tips for Non-Photographers

Photo credit: Stuck in Customs (flickr)

The photographs you take while travelling will probably become some of your most treasured possessions. Nothing captures memories as well as a photograph and exploring the world will give you access to stunning landscapes and fascinating sites worthy of National Geographic magazine. Of course we don’t all have photography skills that are up to the standard of published travel photographers ... Read More »

10 Easiest Outdoor Experiences for the Unfit

Igauzu Falls, South America (c) Markg6 via

Let’s face it I’ve always been fitter in my imagination than in reality. However it’s not always necessary to be super-fit to explore some really amazing outdoor activities. Here are my top tips for the great outdoors for the unfit Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia The high salt flats of Bolivia are look completely other-worldly, but are in fact easily accessed, ... Read More »

How To Budget An Overseas or Extended Trip: Daily Costs

The view is free regardless of how much you pay for the hotel!  (c) IDEE_PER_VIAGGIARE via

For most people, the biggest part of your budget for a trip are your daily costs. They are both the hardest to quantify and the easiest to control. For your upfront costs – check out my earlier article Basic Travel Budget Items Over many years I’ve budgeted based on the following five categories: accommodation, food, activities, local transport and gifts ... Read More »

The Top 5 Best Bangkok Coworking Spaces + A Bonus

Hire a desk in Bangkok

If you’re looking for a place to set down your laptop and so some work while in Bangkok then these coworking spaces in the city should be just what you are looking for. While you can find Wi-Fi in most coffee shops in the city, including the numerous Starbucks outlets, checking into one of these Bangkok coworking spaces can not ... Read More »

How To Budget An Overseas or Extended Trip: Up-Front Costs

Image (c) urbanists via

I recently debated this online, an online friend wrote a book about bike touring (actually riding all the way from Alaska to the tip of Chile – Changing Gears – recommended) and then was surprised because a reader of her blog objected to her not including the cost of the bike in the trip costs! She  assumed that someone who ... Read More »

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