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How to Manage Your Finances Whilst you are Travelling the World


Setting off on a long trip overseas or a round the world adventure can be one of the most exciting highlights of your life. For that reason, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and overlook some of the more tedious aspects of long term travel around the globe and to far flung destinations. While most ... Read More »

Tips for a Successful Thai Visa Run to Laos

Thai Visa Run

If you are living the digital nomad dream in Thailand or just spending more than a month there, there is a good chance you will need to do a Thai visa run to a neighbouring country to extend your stay. A Thai visa is run is necessary for a few reasons: To activate an extension on your current visa Apply ... Read More »

Water Sports in and around Bangkok

Not as Easy as it Looks! - Photo Credit: Henning L. (Flickr)

If you’re stopping in Bangkok for a while then you might be looking for some fun ways to while away the time. Bangkok is a great place to take a break and schedule some downtime on the round the world trail and is also an ideal spot for digital nomads and lifestyle designers who want to work on their projects, ... Read More »

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