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Camping in Thailand: An Adventure under the Stars

Camping on the Beach in Thailand

Due to the year-round elevated temperatures and high levels of humidity, you would be forgiven for thinking camping isn’t a popular pastime in Thailand. While the coastal regions and the many overdeveloped and undiscovered Thai islands are unsuited to camping (although people still do it), moving inland can give you some great opportunities to get back to nature and spend ... Read More »

Nyepi 2013 – Ringing in the New Year, Bali Style

Photo Credit - I Nengah Januartha (flickr)

You may be wondering why on earth I’m writing a New Year’s post in March. In fact tonight is New Year’s Eve according to the Balinese Saka calendar. Tomorrow is New Year in Bali – Nyepi and just to confuse you, we’re celebrating the start of the year 1935. The Nyepi traditions and celebrations are something unique to Bali and ... Read More »

Moving To Australia – 5 Things To Consider Before Immigrating to Australia

Image (c) Christian Haugen via flickr

Australia is a seen as land of opportunity, milk and honey. The first convict settlers didn’t go voluntarily, but within a few decades transportation stopped. Why? Because the lure of Australia meant that people were committing crimes to get a free one-way ticket! Post World War 2 some European prisoners asked to stay and not be returned to war-ravaged Italy. ... Read More »

Exploring Chiang Mai: The Best Bits

Chiang Mai Tea Shop

Chiang Mai, the northern city of Thailand is a real contrast from Bangkok and is considered by many to be the ‘real Thailand’.  While it does have a lot of Western influences, and you are never far away from a familiar brand of shop or eatery, its laid back vibe and slower pace of life makes it an essential destination ... Read More »

New Zealand For Hobbit Lovers – Top Five Hobbit Attractions in New Zealand

Hobbiton, Matamata (c) Arborn via flickr

  The Lord Of The Rings boosted New Zealand’s tourist numbers for years, so many in the industry hope that plenty of Hobbit fans will make the long trek to Middle Earth. If you are planning a trip these five stops should probably be on your itinerary. Flying into Auckland and then from Wellington to Christchurch and the departing ex-Christchurch ... Read More »

Make the Most of your Stopover in Bangkok

Bangkok Nights

Bangkok is a great transport hub and is often the gateway to Southeast Asia for many travellers flying in from outside the region. While the capital city of Thailand isn’t the most beautiful place you’ve ever been it does have some attractions that make extending your Bangkok stopover to a few days or more a great idea. This list of ... Read More »

A Week in Cambodia: How to See the Best Bits

City of Temples

Obviously you could spend months, or even years exploring Cambodia, seeing all it has to offer. But if your travels only allow you a few weeks to see this great country with its amazing sights and tragic recent history, then this guide will help ensure you visit the must see sights of Cambodia. The Temples of Angor Wat These are ... Read More »

Dealing with Homesickness for Travellers and Expats

Photo credit: Alex Dram (flickr)

No matter how happy you were to escape from your own country and how content you are travelling or living as an expat in another country, the chances are that homesickness will hit at some point sooner or later. It may be triggered by something as small as an email from home or seeing someone wearing a football shirt from ... Read More »

Samoa: Understated and Unknown Tropical Paradise

Lolomanu Beach, Upolo, Samoa

Samoa is not the first place many people think of when looking for the best beach for their next vacation. Samoa however does not lack beautiful beaches, warm water and friendly faces. But let’s step back a little – where the heck is Samoa? The Samoa I’m writing about is the independent country formerly known as Western Samoa which is about 3.5 hours ... Read More »

The Ultimate Thailand Travel Resource Guide


If you are planning to travel to Thailand for the first time or even making a return trip, you are no doubt researching very hard. A good friend of mine asked me if I had some good resources on traveling in Thailand. This is the resource list that was born from that request. Hopefully its as useful to you as ... Read More »

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