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Langkawi: Is this Island Still Worth Visiting?

Sunset on Langkawi

If you are in search of a tropical beach paradise in Southeast Asia, one place that has probably cropped up while doing your research is that of Langkawi. This island is part of Malaysia and is located about 30 km off the northwest coast of the mainland, and is also not too far from the Thai border, making it a ... Read More »

24 Hours in Ubud – A One-Day Travel Guide to the Artistic Heart of Bali

Photo credit: Arian Zwegers (flickr)

Most tourists to Bali flock to the beaches of Kuta and Seminyak but this beautiful island has a lot more to offer than sun and sea. For a dose of culture, lush green rice field views and perhaps a yoga class or two, head inland to the small village of Ubud. Ubud is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace but ... Read More »

Top 5 Australian Beach Destinations – Best Australian Beaches

Lucky Bay, Cape le Grande, Western Australia (c) minuseleven via

Last weekend Australia’s tourism department presented me, via my local Sunday paper, with a glossy brochure of Australia’s finest beaches. It was predictable and bland. Yes Australia does have some awesome beaches, but this brochure was clearly an advertorial slanted towards those destinations that paid the most for inclusion. Almost all the beaches were in Queensland and northern NSW. The ... Read More »

Koh Tarutao: The Hidden Gem of Thai Islands

Sunset on Koh Tarutao

If you’ve had your fill of busy, over-developed Thai islands that are struggling to keep afloat on their creaking infrastructures, then Koh Tarutao (pronounced goh ta ru taw ) might be just the kind of place you are looking for. The island can be found in the south of Thailand, down near the border with Malaysia, making it far enough ... Read More »

Turn Left not Right: Some Alternative Destinations on the Well-Trodden Tourist Route

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Image (c) MicGowa via

Whether you are planning a round-the-world trip or just selecting stop-overs on a long-haul flight there are some cities that always come up: Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok. It seems that you don’t really have so much choice. But you do – it’s just some locations have the biggest budgets and therefore hog all the limelight. Here are some alternatives that ... Read More »

Penang: Why You Must Visit this Island

Penang by Night

Penang Island is part of the state of Penang, located off the north western coast of Malaysia. I was first travelled to the island a few years ago and it captured my imagination from the first moment I set foot on it.  We choose Penang for its mix of old and new, town and beach, and its reputation for amazing ... Read More »

5 Unknown Pacific Island Paradises: Discover The Pacific Off The Tourist Trail

Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands. Image (c) Philby via flickr

Which country comes to mine if say “Pacific Island vacation” – Hawaii? Fiji? maybe Tahiti? All popular choices – but who wants to go with the crowds. Today I thought I’d introduce you to some exotic Pacific islands that you’ve quite possibly never heard of, but which are all relatively easily accessible for anyone who does a bit of planning. ... Read More »

Getting the Most From Hong Kong in a Few Days

Welcome to Hong Kong

Hong Kong, thanks to its well-connected international airport, might be your first stop off when starting your Southeast Asian adventure. If it is, count yourself lucky as this former colony of the British Empire is a brilliant place to visit for a weekend or longer if you have the time and the funds. Our first trip to Hong Kong was ... Read More »

Escape the Tourist Trail – the Top 10 Attractions in Bali You’ve Never Heard of

Photo credit: Bart Speelman (flickr)

The island of Bali has been a popular tourist destination for many years, but most tourists stick to the beach resorts of Kuta and Sanur and rarely explore more than what the standard day trips of temples and markets have to offer. Bali is a small island and pretty much any point is reachable within a few hours drive so there’s ... Read More »

Traveling Australia’s Outback – Top 5 Outback Destinations

King's Canyon, Northern Territory

  Congratulations if you have figured out that there is a lot more to Australia than beautiful beaches and exciting cities. By all means check out Sydney and Perth – but the bit in between is the true spirit of Australia. I’ve travelled a lot of Australia, and I can assure you that if you make it to any of these destinations ... Read More »

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