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Guide to Setting up a Base in Hua Hin

The Beach at Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of the nearest beach resort towns to Bangkok and is around 200 km south of the capital. You can get there easily by taxi, public bus or at a more leisurely pace by train. Hua Hin is ideal for those staying in Bangkok who are seeking a weekend escape, as well as being perfect for those ... Read More »

Thailand to Malaysia by Train – an Overland Adventure

Photo credit: Abe World! (flickr)

In these modern times of cheap airfares, where boarding a plane is as easy as boarding a bus, it’s easy to overlook the plus points of overland travel. This is a real shame however, as one of the best ways to get a real feel of the country you’re travelling in is to go by road or rail, passing through ... Read More »

Planning a Muay Thai Holiday in Thailand

Fighting Muay Thai

Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is a very popular pastime in Thailand. Lots of fights are shown on television out here and nearly every destination popular with tourists and travellers holds regular live fights at stadiums of all shapes and sizes. What is getting increasing popular though, are the visitors coming to Thailand with training in Muay Thai as their ... Read More »

Wellington on a Good Day – City Water Front Walk

Wellington Waterfront, from Te Papa

When the weather does co-operate, it’s hard to beat Wellington on a good day. The city is small and compact, because of the hills surrounding it and the harbour it developed on. Wellington harbour, is not large, like say Sydney’s, but it’s just the right size to make a very pretty backdrop for a city. If the weather is wet ... Read More »

The Best Places for Rock Climbing in Thailand

Climbing at Tonsai Krabi

Whether you are coming to Thailand for a short holiday, or as part of your longer travels, there are so many things to do here it can be hard to fit them all in. While the country is best known for its beaches and warm weather, making it the ideal destination for a relaxing tropical beach holiday, for those looking ... Read More »

Is Chiang Rai City worth a Visit?

Mae Kok River

Many people who come to Thailand, as well as those who are travelling through Southeast Asia, spend a few days of weeks exploring the Golden Triangle: the region where Thailand, Laos and Burma meet. An area made famous for being one of Asia’s main opium-producing regions. For most people who take in this scenic region, the entry point to the ... Read More »

Wellington On A Wet Day – What To Do If It Rains In Wellington

Wellington Airport Doesn't Close for 120km/hr winds (c) PhilipC via

Wellington on a nice day can be picture perfect. Unfortunately thanks to the temperate climate, and the winds and weather being funneled through nearby Cook Strait – it can rain, quite often, and year around. So if you happen to hit New Zealand’s capital city on a wet day – what on earth should you do? Well my top picks, ... Read More »

Five Less Visited New Zealand Destinations – Off The Tourist Track in NZ

Mt Taranaki (aka Mt Doom) from New Plymouth

Every country in the world has it’s “must see” attractions. For overseas visitors to New Zealand the “must sees” run to: Auckland, Bay of Islands, Coromandel, and, above all, Queenstown. With the possible exception of Auckland, unless you’ve never seen a large, poorly planned city before, these are all good choices. However if you want to visit some less visited ... Read More »

Washed Out: Things to do During the Rainy Season in Bali

Photo credit: Didiz Rushdi (flickr)

Bali is a tropical country, which means warm temperatures all year round. It also means that there are basically two seasons – the wet season and the dry season. Actually, being the tropics, it does rain in the dry season too – just not as often. The temperatures are a little cooler and much less humid. During the wet season, ... Read More »

April Fools Around the World

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee (flickr)

We hope you’re having a very pleasant April 1st wherever you are in the world and haven’t fallen victim to too many pranks. In fact it may surprise you that April Fool’s Day, or a version of it, is celebrated in many countries around the world in many unique ways. Maybe next year you will want to take part in ... Read More »

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