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Best Mens Travel Bags

Luggage for men can be somewhat difficult to find. Most men look for luggage that can carry their electronics, belongings, formal clothing and more. Quite a lot of men’s luggage also needs to have specialty slots are areas which can contain a suit, pants or dress shirts without wrinkling them. Most of these bag slots need to be specifically designed to match all types of suits, large and small. Ultimately the best travel bags for men contain all of these requirements as well as a sophisticated look and durable design. Avid male travelers will want a bag that expresses their style and something that they can continue to use far into the future. Here are some of the best offerings that Amazon has to offer for travel bags designed specifically for men.

Maxam 18 inch leather tote barrel bag:


Maxam Leather toteA  lot of men tend to take duffel bags or backpacks along with them on vacation. This is because sports duffel bags and backpacks are comfortable to carry and quite often these bags are designed to hold quite a lot. This is why men generally use them to go to the gym, for daily carries as well as for traveling. While sports duffel bags and gym bags can certainly hold a lot of valuables that you might need over vacation they aren’t always the most stylish or professional. There would be nothing worse than walking into a business meeting, a professional event or a classy hotel with a athletic duffel bag filled with your clothing all wrinkled up in a ball. The Maxam leather tote is a duffel bag that’s designed specifically for packing and travel. With a rugged sophistication that many male travelers seek in their luggage as well as just the right amount of space to carry any extra belongings for a long trip. This bag is the perfect size for any overhead compartment and it makes it easy to get through any security checkpoint within easy open front. The bag features a double zipper which keeps all of your belongings stored snugly as well as saddlebags and extra compartments to keep all of your items well organized. The clip on shoulder strap is very comfortable or you can also use the padded handles for quick transport in your hands like a briefcase. Whatever style you enjoy from a duffel bag, this is an easy transition if it is what you are used to traveling with. This is a stylish piece of luggage but comes at a very reasonable price.

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Quicksilver Mens Reach Luggage

Quicksilver LuggageFor larger luggage selections which go beyond a simple carry-on Quicksilver has designed professional looking luggage that’s best suited to young guys everywhere. These strong and secure bags are sure to get you noticed with their modern and colorful design. Available in both blue and black the one-of-a-kind luggage design is easy to notice on a baggage claim and can really help to save you time when getting through an airport. This luggage has a massive capacity with up to 110 L of storage space available you can easily pack everything you need or that your family might need for a short or medium stay vacation. With plenty of space for formal wear, electronics or anything that you might need for your trip there are also plenty of compartments to keep everything inside organized. Multiple external compartments leave you lots of space to get at certain items first. Each of the zippers and compartments is easily locked with luggage locks keeping the entire piece of luggage extremely secure. The construction is built to last out of 100% polyester and the durable wheels with the extremely well-built zippers will last for years. This luggage rolls easily with a retractable handle making it very quick to get through any airport or station. It is important to note that this luggage can get quite heavy especially when it’s loaded down, but the condenser straps make it easy to flatten out the luggage so that you can fit even more of your clothes and belongings inside. Overall this is a stylish and large piece of luggage that you can use for medium stay vacations, potentially for an entire family.


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Oakley Large Roller Bag


Oakley Large Roller BagFor another piece of large-scale luggage for a medium stay vacation, or entire family vacation men may want to look into Oakley Large roller bag. Oakley is known for its clothing, sunglasses and now it’s luggage. Oakley luggage and backpacks are certainly known for their quality and this stylish bag is absolutely no different. With a sleek black look and a modern durable design these imported black large roller suitcases can fit an amazing amount of clothing and items that you might need for your vacation. A lockable zipper and three wide grip handles make sure that this bag is extremely secure and that you can carry or lift the bag securely from just about any angle. Quite a lot of luggage that gets to be this size can be very difficult to lift and Oakley has thought of everything when it comes to preventing injury and creating the easiest bag to handle possible. Zip accessories and mesh pockets inside make it easy to divide up all of your things or pack the bag for multiple family members. A split main opening also makes it easy to grab anything out of the luggage while you’re on the go. This is a great piece of large luggage that will suit just about any man’s style.

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Dakine EQ Duffel Bag:


Dakine EQ DuffelWith a variety of different styles available, Dakine has been developing duffel bags and backpacks for years to suit nearly anyone’s preference. Known for their great patterns as well as their extreme durability, This Dakine bag fits the bill perfectly. Available in a variety of different patterns including camouflage, pewter, lava colored, glacier patterns rock patterns and more this is luggage that you can easily pick out in a crowd. The bag is similar to your regular workout duffel bag only with a greater sense of style and with a few extra compartments that you can use to house anything that you might need on a short trip, easy access through the zippered and pockets and the U-shaped opening on top makes it very simple to pack and unpack. A removable padded shoulder strap also makes this a great choice for walking in traveling around airports and stations. If you are a fan of duffel bag luggage and you want to get a high quality product that’s modern and unique, this could be the duffel bag for you.

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Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Italian leather weekender travel bag

Cenzo Duffle BagFor a smaller, more designer duffel bag that’s perfect for weekend getaways you may want to consider getting the Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Italian leather weekender travel bag. Although it might be smaller in size when compared to your traditional duffel bag, this is a bag that makes a big statement. With imported calfskin leather on the exterior this is a bag that complements your outfit and sense of style. The outside of the bag is extremely soft and elegant and each one of these bags is fully handmade including brass hardware. The tickertape canvas lining gives the entire bag a great retro designer feel keeping it as an elegant and beautiful luggage piece. The bag is designed with quality and fashion in mind and this is certainly a piece of luggage that you can hold onto for a lifetime. Similar bags of handcrafted quality might cost at least another hundred dollars on this fine Italian leather bag. If you have a keen eye for fashion and have always wanted a designer men’s bag for traveling, this could be your chance to get the ultimate duffel bag for your luggage set.

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No matter the style you are looking for in a travel bag for men, there is certainly a lot of selection. With varying looks when it comes to fashion and space that is available in men’s luggage there really is something on this list to suit every need. It is important to note however that many of these deals are a limited time and that it’s important to get your hands on some of this great luggage before it gets marked up or before inventories run out.


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