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Best Carry-On Luggage: Essentials to Make Your Flight Easier

When it comes to finding the best functional luggage for your next trip it can be really overwhelming to look through the plethora of options which are available. If you travel often you need to have carry-on luggage which can stand up to the test of time. We have done the research for you and selected some of the best carry-on luggage that’s available on the market today so that you can get your hands on spacious and reliable baggage that you can take on multiple trips and never worry about being unable to police these bags in overhead compartments. Each of the luggage manufacturers that we have outlined works to produce a quality product that fits with most major airline codes of compliancy for carry-ons. Here’s some of the top choices for the best carry-on luggage available in the market today.

Samsonite FIero 20 inch expandable carry-on spinner suitcase:

Samsonite LuggageThis standard 20 inch expandable carry-on is built with high-quality durability in mind. In many cases two of these small carry-ons could serve a couple perfectly over the course of a short weeks vacation. Samsonite has designed this line of spinner suitcases as international carry-ons meaning that they will comply with standard baggage rates for many international airlines. Samsonite really stands behind its quality by offering a full 10 year warranty on this product. Each one of the materials is designed to survive the rigors of travel and this trustee suitcase will keep on rolling, expanding and securing all of your valuables. Cross straps inside make it easy to organize all of your things in the spinner wheels for mobility make carrying all of your belongings for traveling easier than ever before. This is a performance carry-on that you can simply tow behind you without a second thought. Long waits in the airport were transitioning between flights can be done with ease and many professionals in the business including stewardesses and pilots swear by these little Samsonite suitcases.

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Athalon Luggage 21-Inch Hybrid Travelers Bag

Athatlon LuggageDesigned and built by Athalon luggage, this hybrid travelers bag is designed to provide you with the same flexibility and benefits that you would get from a large duffel bag with the resilient powers of today’s modern carry-on luggage. Many large duffel bags simply won’t fit in overhead compartments and travelers are generally forced to check these bags especially when they start to fill out to their full capacity. With the hybrid travelers bag all of your belongings can be kept contained into a travelers bag that’s compliant with many airline services for overhead storage. With high quality zippers and a durable construction this is a very secure bag which is far more difficult to break into than a traditional duffel bag as well. The wide zippers also allow you to easily close the bag even when it starts to get quite full. For those that find it difficult to pack light with carry-ons, this bag can really help to contact all of your clothing into a small space. This traveler bag also comes with in-line skate wheels which stand up to constant movement and can maneuver easily. These wheels are designed for lengthy use and will rarely jam up or cause issues. Front feet on the bag also makes it easy for the bag to take up less space in a hotel room by standing upright on its own. Overall this is a very lightweight option when it comes to carry-on luggage and great for those that enjoy regularly packing using backpacks or duffel bags.

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Ogio Luggage Newt 13 Bp-Static, International Carry-On

OGIO Newt 13For those travelers that enjoy carry-on luggage that they can actually carry, sometimes backpack luggage options are the most comfortable. Ogio has designed a specialty international carry-on backpack which is specifically designed with the modern traveler in mind. Padded fleece side entry compartments in the backpacker designed specifically for 13 inch laptops and netbooks meaning that you can easily have access to your computer through your flight as well as have ample space to pack a few changes of clothes for short journeys. He reader and iPad sleeves are also available in a secondary compartment which means you can take all of your devices with you on the plane for entertainment. It’s understandable that some carry-on luggage can still get quite heavy and if you plan on spending a few hours carrying around in an airport or on the way to your hotel, you will want a bag that’s comfortable. Ogio has designed this luggage with dual density foam shoulder straps which added extra stability for extended wear. This isn’t your average schoolboys backpack, by any means and it’s extremely comfortable even with a laptop, some books or any e-reader as well as a few changes of clothes through heavy travel day. If you are a traveler that can pack light and you want to have all of your devices available to you on the plane or during travel, this could be some of the best carry-on luggage available for you.

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Cabin Max Palermo Carry-on luggage

Cabin Max PalermoAnother great carry-on offering in the form of backpack luggage is the Cabin Max Palermo. With a guaranteed capacity that will adhere to many international airline codes, this carry-on luggage holds approximately 44 L and features a detachable toiletry bag which can help you to carry everything you need to stay fresh on a long flight or through your travels. The adjustable shoulder straps are extremely comfortable and the zippers are of a heavy-duty construction meaning that you can sit quite a lot inside this carry-on luggage. The padded back works to promote airflow which will keep you cool even when you have to carry this on your back for many hours in your travel  day. Zip pockets and internal organizers are perfect for keeping books, electronics and clothing separate. Overall this is one of the least expensive carry-on luggage options available in our best of list and also one of the most lightweight with its durable polyester construction. This is a great value option that will serve you well for a few trips.

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Travelon Luggage Wheeled Underseat 18 inch Carry on

Travelon LuggageTravelon has produced a roomy 18 inch carry-on bag which is designed to fit beneath an airplane seat. This extremely chic black and silver designed bag is perfect for business travelers and contains a specialty laptop or electronic device slot at the front of the bag. With the number of beautifully designed dividers and compartments easy to pack your clothing, toiletries and computer into this sturdy luggage. This is a piece of carry-on luggage that is designed for regular travel with a rigid shell and an extendable carry case Travelon has designed this wheeled carry-on luggage to be a faithful travel companion for many years. With its 18 inch construction it can easily fit in an overhead compartment or under any airplane seat making it completely compliant with international carry-on guidelines. The roller system that Travelon has designed makes this luggage very easy to maneuver and it’s even thin enough that you can roll it down the airplane aisles directly to your seat without ever having to lift the luggage directly. If you travel often and need quality carry-on luggage that’s stylish and resilient consider this product.

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With so many different types of carry-on luggage available it’s our hope that by outlining some of the best products available in the market today, we can help you narrow down your search. Each of these products have been big hits with travelers that have used them over time. With most of them available for under $100 on Amazon, it’s important to snatch up some of these great choices while they are still available.


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