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Water Sports in and around Bangkok

If you’re stopping in Bangkok for a while then you might be looking for some fun ways to while away the time. Bangkok is a great place to take a break and schedule some downtime on the round the world trail and is also an ideal spot for digital nomads and lifestyle designers who want to work on their projects, while enjoying all Thailand has to offer.

But as the saying goes, all work and no play, makes Jack/Jane a dull boy/girl, so this post should give you some inspiration and pointers on how you can enjoy your time here in the best ways possible. If golf and Thai boxing aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of fun activities to do in and around the City of Angels.

Bangkok Water Sport Options

If you love the open water and getting wet and wild, inland Bangkok might not seem the obvious choice for taking up this type of activity but this isn’t the case. In Thailand, having fun, or sanuk as the locals call it is a top priority and for this reason there are plenty of ways to blow off steam in the Thai capital with a fair few water based activities amongst them. Here are some of our favourites and the best places to indulge in them.

Wakeboarding - Photo Credit: Mike V. (Flickr)

Wakeboarding – Photo Credit: Mike V. (Flickr)

Wakeboarding in Bangkok

There are a couple of wakeboarding parks in Bangkok so if you’ve yet to try this fun water sport then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! If you are unfamiliar with wakeboarding, it is the practice of being pulled long on a rope or cable, while standing on something that resembles a snowboard, while gliding across the water.

The cable or rope can either be attached to a boat like water-skiing or, as is the case with the Bangkok wake parks, pulled along by an aerial cable pulley system. Ramps and jumps are added to the course to allow you to grab some air and perform impressive aerial stunts and manoeuvres. If you still aren’t clear on exactly what it entails, check out this video:

Its all pretty crazy stuff and it seems to be popular here in Thailand hence the presence of two separate wake parks in Bangkok. Here is some info on the places you can go wakeboarding in Bangkok:

Lake Taco

This is the older of the two wake parks in Bangkok and its set on a lake, or freshwater pond, with a mechanised cable circuit to pull you around. Its about 45 minutes in a taxi from central Bangkok but it feels like a world away. Sitting around the lake is relaxing enough and the place makes for a great day out when combined with a spot of wake or kneeboarding.

Even if your not planning on taking to the water here, and just coming with friends who are, its a nice way to spend a day and the onsite restaurant serves up fresh Thai food at street food prices, as well as beers and soft drinks.

Once you’ve paid your 300 baht for a two hour session or 500 baht for all day entrance, you can then use the basic wakeboards and knee boards here as well as the life jackets and helmets as part of the entrance fee.

If you fancy using more professional gear you can hire that for about 200 baht a day, but for beginners, the basic equipment is fine considering you will spend most of your time swimming back to the pier rather than skimming across the water! That is because wakeboarding is hard! To take to the water you must stand on the wooden pier with your feet strapped into the board, holding the cable, waiting for it to catch the hook on the overhead pulley system and yank you off dry land, onto the water.

This is as far as most people get on their first time at the park but don’t give up and you will eventually workout how to take to the water like a duck and head off around the circuit. That is at least until you reach the first 90 degree corner and end up faceplanting the water. Thankfully the water here is warm so the swim back to shore isn’t too much of a pain, provided you keep out of the path of oncoming boarders.

Its best to visit Lake Taco during the week or as soon as it opens on the weekend, as it does get pretty crowded here. If you are not very good, you will spend most of your time queuing up, getting yanked into the water, swimming to shore and then joining the queue again. Once you can master the launch, you can spend as long as you like going around the circuit, or attempt a few of the ramps and practice swimming back to shore with a wakeboard attached to your feet.

To get to the lake your best bet is to catch a taxi or take the BTS to Udomsuk and take a shorter taxi ride from there. It can be hard to find Lake Taco the first time as you are looking for a small sign of a water skier on the road which will indicate the turn. If you miss it, it means doing a u-turn on the high way for another attempt, much like wakeboarding itself.

To get to Lake Taco:

Club Taco is located at 175/1, km 13 Bangna-Trad Road, Moo 12, Bangplee-Yai. The easiest way to get there is by driving down the Bangna-Trad Highway (direction Chonburi). After passing the exit to the new Airport, you continue about 2 km and take the next U-Turn. After passing Panasonic and the Green Valley Golf Course, you will see a large pile of shipping containers on the left side. After passing the containers and a fly-over, turn left at the next soi. Make sure you don’t miss this small soi, otherwise you will regret it…. around 200 m inside the soi you will see a small entrance gate to soi on the right, marked with the a water ski sign. From there just follow directions to the lake.

Taken from:

If the taxi driver has no clue where you are, try calling the guys at the Lake on 02 316 7809 or 02 316 7810 for directions.

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm on weekends and 12pm to 6pm on weekdays.

Visit the website for more information:

Not as Easy as it Looks! - Photo Credit: Henning L. (Flickr)

Not as Easy as it Looks! – Photo Credit: Henning L. (Flickr)

Thai Wake Park

The Thai Wake Park is a more upmarket affair than the rustic Lake Taco. The jumps and ramps are bigger here and the riders are brasher. For spectators this makes Thai Wake Park a better proposition but for beginner riders who are taking their first tentative steps into the sport, it can be an intimidating experience. However, if you ignore the big jumps and pro-wake boarders, you can still have a great day out here, getting wet and learning a new skill in Bangkok.

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