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Born in England Elisabeth has lived in: England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Canada. She holds three passports but calls Middle Earth home, for the moment. Travel is her passion, and she has travelled to every continent in over 30 years of independent travel. She now makes a full time living as a successful writer and on-line entrepreneur.

10 Easiest Outdoor Experiences for the Unfit

Igauzu Falls, South America (c) Markg6 via

Let’s face it I’ve always been fitter in my imagination than in reality. However it’s not always necessary to be super-fit to explore some really amazing outdoor activities. Here are my top tips for the great outdoors for the unfit Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia The high salt flats of Bolivia are look completely other-worldly, but are in fact easily accessed, ... Read More »

How To Budget An Overseas or Extended Trip: Daily Costs

The view is free regardless of how much you pay for the hotel!  (c) IDEE_PER_VIAGGIARE via

For most people, the biggest part of your budget for a trip are your daily costs. They are both the hardest to quantify and the easiest to control. For your upfront costs – check out my earlier article Basic Travel Budget Items Over many years I’ve budgeted based on the following five categories: accommodation, food, activities, local transport and gifts ... Read More »

How To Budget An Overseas or Extended Trip: Up-Front Costs

Image (c) urbanists via

I recently debated this online, an online friend wrote a book about bike touring (actually riding all the way from Alaska to the tip of Chile – Changing Gears – recommended) and then was surprised because a reader of her blog objected to her not including the cost of the bike in the trip costs! She  assumed that someone who ... Read More »

The 6 Best Winter Destinations That Most Austrailian And New Zealanders Don’t Want You To Know

Hawaii Beach House (c) imgdive via

While North America and Europe contemplates summer, some of us are considering a few months of winter. So if you June, July, August brings winter in your part of the world, where to go for a winter break. Here are five destinations for some beach time plus a “cooler” option. Northern Queensland Cairns and Port Douglas combine pleasant warm winter weather with ... Read More »

How To Plan Your First European Trip – Europe For Beginners

St Pancras Station, London end of the high-speed train to Paris (c) Alan Cleaver via

Europe is exciting, exotic, but can also be exhausting. Most first-time visitors try to cram too much into too short a time. Remember, you will almost certainly be back! You do NOT need to see it all this time! When planning your trip I suggest you do the following Open-Jaw Your Long-Haul Flights You don’t need to fly into and out of ... Read More »

How To Pack For Europe: European Summer Packing List

(c) vl8189 via

If you are heading to Europe this summer – what should you be packing? My best advice is to lay out everything you absolutely MUST take with you: and then take half of it! Seriously, the last thing you need while hoping off and on European trains, and negotiating plenty of flights of stairs (hostels in Europe are always on the top ... Read More »

Choosing the Tech For Your Next Trip – What Sort of Tech Traveller Are You?

(c) Veronica Belmont via

Previously we looked at the tech options for the modern traveller. In this article I want to look at how to choose what is best for you. “I’m planning a 3 week trip to Europe this summer. I was planning on taking my iPhone, a Kindle Fire to read books and watch movies, plus my laptop to manage my photos. ... Read More »

Tech Options When Travelling:Tablet or Netbook, Smartphone or iPad?

tourist using iPad to take photos

The world of travel tech is going through a phase of rapid change. As little as five years ago, it was an easy choice. If you a had a big budget and the need to work on the road – you (or your company) bought an ultrabook and expected to pay $3000 or up. Now it’s very different: netbook or ... Read More »

Tourist Transport In New Zealand: Options and Suggestions

Cook Strait Ferry

New Zealand is not a large country: about the same land area as Britain or Japan, but with only 4 million people splashed over a landscape which features lots of mountains, it has its unique transport problems. The local Maori name for the country of “Land Of the Long White Cloud”, Aotearoa, is accurate, and probably reflects what it looks like from ... Read More »

Guest House, Hostel, Hotel, Motel – What’s In A Name?

Lake Resort, Southern Thailand

It used to be easy: a hostel offered a cheap bed, a hotel did not. These days it’s a little more complex! While in Europe and America terms such as motel or hostel have very distinct meanings – you know what to expect in terms of ambiance and facilities, in Asia: well let’s just say a lot can be lost in translation! ... Read More »

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