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Havana Lion is online expat and travel lifestyle magazine dedicated to helping people make their dreams of world travel a reality. We provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about traveling or living overseas, the common pitfalls, as well as inspiring stories of why travel is so rewarding and enriching to the soul.

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 Yasu Tano

Originally born in California, Yasu has traveled or lived on 3 different continents and more than 20 countries throughout his childhood and adolescent years. As unrepentant entrepreneur Yasu founded Havana Lion in the hopes of inspiring others to pursue their dream of traveling the world and living overseas on foreign shores.

In his spare time, Yasu is an avid photographer, Tennis player, and hopeless dreamer of how to make the world a better place.

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Rachel Adnyana

Rachel spent many years spending all her money on plane tickets before she left the UK for good in 2008. After several months of backpacking in Asia she found herself in Bali and fell in love (with the island and a boy) and never left. She now raises her two young children together with her husband in a traditional Balinese village. When not working or toddler-wrangling she enjoys walking in the rice fields, reading design blogs and learning to use her new camera.

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IMG_1947Elisabeth Sowerbutts

Elisabeth was born with a travel bug, and has spent over 30 years indulging it. Only recently has she started to make money from it as a travel writer of books, blogs and articles.

Born in England Elisabeth has lived in: England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Canada. She holds three passports but calls Middle Earth home, for the moment. Travel is her passion, and she has traveled to every continent except Antarctica.

Elisabeth has a deep-seated fear of being stuck on a bus with boring people, so she always travels independently. She has backpacked solo for six months through India and South-East Asia, and for another six months through South America. She finally met a man who she taught to share her love of travel with, and now drags him around the world seeking warm weather, cheap tasty food, and interesting cultural exchanges. He insists on the odd stay in a comfortable beach side resort to recover.



joefylanJoe Fylan

After leaving his native shores of England for sunnier climes, Joe has fully embraced travelling. Although his days of staying in unpowered beach huts on deserted islands are now (thankfully) behind him, due to the arrival of his daughter, he is still keen to get out of town and continue seeing the rest of the world.

After a few years in Thailand, he is getting itchy feet again and is now weighing up the pros and cons of where to go next.  At the moment Mediterranean Europe or South America are looking pretty good. Any recommendations welcome!



Sarah Anders

Originally an Oregon native, Sarah has since sought out warmer locales both around the US and abroad. When she is not writing, Sarah enjoys reading, running, and making the perfect Souffle.





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